For genset engines, MCC monitoring system and Open CAN solutions are available. VYjGMP4q7nHy452TezySy1HzLfXkFlaXl3NdXMixQRJLIWZ3PFVAr3JzYyjECyA4wlImrL1fS/yd wLBBHGp6VAxVhtz+WX/ORGqeVLf8vNRv9Kj8sw+nBJqiMzTvawMpjQ7BmC8BxHFSaUZqYqy/Wfye As with MerCruiser, the replacement cost for a new Volvo drive is quite high. F8Mn1faXdt++Ko38v38++Wv+cf28wad5lthHdQqul21/HFBBpqi6kWZ1lYv6zyfsqy/a7HpirF9E AQACAwQFBgcICQoLEAACAQMDAgQCBgcDBAIGAnMBAgMRBAAFIRIxQVEGE2EicYEUMpGhBxWxQiPB Copyright 2023 Boating Magazine. 7eYKSioxqfTenHj0BoRTeup7S0cTEzG0h9rl6fKb4SjvMn/OLH6O0nVdZ/xP6v1OC4vPQ+o8eXpI H8rl/my+RXxI94RDeePJS2C6i3mDTRp7yGBLw3kHomVRyMYk58SwU141rkfAyXXCb9yeMVdoGfz7 dSdfNVzcXo1a7jjjeQxWFSeSFGQBo5kdjx/ZPauKs+078zPMXm/84fK2laDftbaB+hodX161jVGB Volvo Penta Engines - Marine Parts Express f9bNH2tqP8mPi5umx7cT6JzSOWgdc0XTNc0m60nVIBcWF5GYp4W7g7ggjcEHcEdDvk8eQwkJDmEE approved), Oil pressure switch with oil sending unit, Delco Voyager ignition kit- Voyager distributor, HEI coil, spark plugs and wires, misc wires for shift interrupt switch, Volvo Pentaearly style center-rise exhaustmanifolds and risers, Throttle bracket, throttle clip, and quick-connect ball joint, 70 amp alternator, bracket, and tensioner (U.S.C.G. <>stream <> per page. adobe:docid:indd:7123dff7-a789-11d9-b548-d2541c516880 A claim will be filed and we will send out the identical part. Returns must be shipped to:Michigan Motorz, LLC32333 Mally DriveMadison Heights, MI 48071(248) 524-9600. Jansen had to lower the engine through the hatch sideways and then turn it 90 degrees once it was below the deck level. F3YxrzmVyBvTkD4VO2YODtWM5VIcNt0tKQNi8TzauK9z/wCcdfzY1m08w2vlDVbh7rSdQJjsWlJd 7:30 am 4:00 pm Mon to Fri, Phone: 07 5580 1883 31CY3o4NOXgc189dgFjr7nKjhyXzfRf5saBrmv8AkDVdI0I01W59D6ufU9L+7uY5H+PanwI2aPR5 MpIrYs1l3ZWd7AYLyCO5gb7UUyLIhp4qwIxjIjcKwW7h/IGC6lgvE8qRXcTmOeKYacsiOh4srq3x Volvo Penta has developed repowering kits to ensure safe, easy and cost-effective replacement. New Volvo Penta Diesel Engine Packages with Saildrives or Outdrives ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE Diesel Engines - Bobtail (engine only), Transmissions or IPS Systems Rebuilt Diesel Engines Gear Options for diesel inboards Match horse power, add to engine price. Volvo Penta 5.0L & 5.7L Exhaust Manifold Package (1993-Current) with Extra Tall 10.3" Risers Item Number: VO-1-914035-10.5-KIT $1,289.00 $954.99 5.3L (L82) Base Engine (2018-2021) Item Number: 5300L82 $5,599.00 Riser Block Off Plate Kit Item Number: 1-0104P $25.00 Barr 3 in. At realistic prices our quality marine parts including starter motors, gaskets, bellows and filters will keep you on the water. With 24 years experience as an AUTHORISED DEALERS FOR VOLVO PENTA,we specialise in specifying, accessing and installing a brand new power plant into your pride and joy. All returns must be made within 15 days of delivery to you. VP_logo_CMYK_www Your Volvo Penta dealer will be able to assist you throughout the entire repowering work. Comparing warranties, Volvo Penta offers one year on drives, increasing to three years if installed as part of a full repower. Repowering often means switching from a mechanically governed engine to one with electronic management. proof:pdf Removing and reinstalling all those components adds to the labor expense, but an all-new Quicksilver 5.7-liter long block is only $6,269. Grid List . 15% restocking fee on the return of any complete engine. 76 0 obj ReferenceStream step 3. Looking for some good advice, or need a quote? All components, are completely restored to new condition and meet the same stringent quality and safety requirements as new parts. The Quicksilver drives are factory-new, not rebuilt or remanufactured. uuid:5E6B7979C90D11D987F7F76126249F2F . Boatwrench (, a rebuilder, typically stocks over 70 rebuilt drives. hvTiv7VmeL1KV4PyVGVqDao33pWmZem1kM308+5pyYTF63/ziH/vF5o/4yWf/EZs1vbPOPx/Q5Ol endobj Ferguson says hes still working on propping, but already the performance gain is significant. ePUUPjird9+U352a9qHle71S10DT7Hy3dRTQ6Zp5NuGEbxs8jcUlXk4iA2NB4DFWe6j5C/MTzU/n v572PnVxo+rRJYeY1UsiIT6NyFBLGINUqygVKEnbcHrTRa3s84vVHeP3ObizCW3VjP5x/lV+aHmP For items received as described, a refund of the final invoice price (minus shipping and handling charges and a 15% restocking fee) will be issued. +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8AmH51fld+ZfmbzkupeXHp LQvN2qwP5R1ZSvl6OBIvWtik4lhaTjFEzcOC1DSGvj3xVhll+Xn/ADkmNGsPJZ1yx07QdPeNI9bt Looking for some good advice, or need a quote? Items under 75 pounds are sent via FedEx in Continental USA. General installation instructions - Inboard ShaftGeneral installation instructions - Saildrive. But when your sterndrive engine expires, you might find yourself standing in the cockpit, staring down at an open engine hatch wondering, Now what? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. New and Remanufactured Marine Engines & Engine Parts | Michigan Motorz endobj ReferenceStream Volvo Penta develop, produce and market a complete range of marine diesel and gasoline engine and drive systems for most applications. A Bonnier LLC Company. Delivering maximum power and torque at low RPM. <> IJI5MoykTVvf/wAnPyq/NDy553g1TzBJXTEhmRx9b9arOlF+Cp75p9bq8M8ZEefucvFjmDuWXfnx 1GNwNUuP9G0uM0qZ3B+OhrURLVz8qd8t0Wn8XIB06sMs+GNviFvXnaWZuUjV5zSGrbsftMfdj3zq This past summer, Lakeside installed cabin air conditioning. yLDxI94d/wArJ/Lr/qadI/6T7b/qpj+Vy/zZfIr4ke8O/wCVk/l1/wBTTpH/AEn23/VTH8rl/my+ New Volvo Penta engines feature design considerations and integrated functions to protect both the operator and the engine. As an agent for Mercury Finance we can offer quick, straight forward finance for your Volvo Investment at competitive rates. If parts are damaged in shipment and the customer does not notice damage, please call Michigan Motorz LLC. Pp1ZSqqpW3ZkO5w2qdf849/kzrfkBtZvNfkt5tRv/Rgtmt3aQLbxAkirKhHJiu3+SMSqS+SP+cb7 172 0 obj For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. IwyiUuX7HJyRJjQ5vl7zX+V35ueVtFl1nVZJRYQMqzSQ3ZlKczxVmCtWnIgVzoMOrw5JcMefucOe Boating Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. For example, high performance Common Rail Electronic Diesels, supercharged and turbocharged engines, Duo-prop Drive, Sail-Drive, Joystick Driving/Sports Fishmode, GPS Positioning and the revolutionary IPS system, all utilising the latest technology in Engine and Drive systems. %PDF-1.3 % FedEx cannot ship to P.O. Secondly, is the installer As a Volvo Penta authorised Service Centre our staff are trained and equipped to handle all of these questions and more. endobj No refunds for electronic parts if the box is opened. Jansen had to lower the engine through the hatch sideways and then turn it 90 degrees once it was below the deck level. n+ef/k2PMf8AxnT/AJMpnUaD+5i67P8AWWCZltL9A/Kf/KLaN/zA23/Jlc4zN9cveXbhHX99Z6fZ The engines start instantly; hard starting was becoming more and more of a problem with the old engines, he says. FINLANDE Finlandais Etat Drapeau FINLANDE 40 mm Mobile Cellule Tlphone Mini Autocollants Decals x6, Honda CB 650 SC Custom 1982-1983 Haynes Service De Rparation Manuel 0665. outil de suppression VAUXHALL ZAFIRA 20 x 17mm hex Roue En Alliage crou Boulon . g5zLsHYqxz8yf/Jdeaf+2Rf/APUNJl+l/vY/1h97DJ9J9z4KzsHVMz/J/wA16T5U8/WGuasZBY2y Installing these components adds to the labor cost of a repower project, but it also makes the engine adaptable to either MerCruiser or Volvo Penta installations. Some shipments to and from certain locations may require additional time in transit. XYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYqxbX/AMxv These prices are for complete (upper and lower) drive assemblies, but do not include shipping or installation costs. yN44Ly60F4E9Jba5K8BQKq1o68gvEjejeKqv5u8wReafzU/KPW7etsNVtBPRSC0TyE8lBIoSjVHT It has huge sentimental value to the family. ReferenceStream Seatech Marine has the biggest team of factory trained marine mechanics on the Gold Coast. Our kids essentially grew up on this boat. Contact Michigan Motorz of the potential damage. ReferenceStream endobj ReferenceStream adobe:docid:photoshop:bbf013ce-a2a5-11d9-9c6a-fb93291524a9 Bertram Repower | Yachting Mag All returns must be made within 15 days of delivery to you. endobj Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and for sufficiently packing and insuring returned items unless otherwise agreed upon. Factory-new drives, such as this MerCruiser Bravo Three, can be purchased. afz7p919bS/UiKEsJ5FUBoY04/6NIOifaUfPFVfy5+RsMP5IS/l/qkqRahfc7i7vIKui3hlEkUgr dkEhaMB0Yt1Kq+sea/zO/MD8zdU8meU9Yi8s6b5eiB1K9jUTSSXA4q6qxAYgSMVUDjspJ3oMVUvL <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/Properties<>>>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 419.52756 595.27557]/Type/Page>> 8mXzE1/9zJuwfWH27nJuyeZ/85B+b9M0P8vNQsJpVOo6zGbSytqgswYj1XpWvFErv40HfM/s7CZ5 ReferenceStream The One Drive cutout is slightly different from whats required for a MerCruiser, but it is workable, according to Ilmor. They have great deals. Volvo Penta offers a two-year warranty, extending to three if part of a repower. Jansen was able to get the engines in and out of the Cruisers 2870, but it was an operation that required some precision. By choosing to work with Volvo Pentas authorized dealers, you can take advantage of all the competence at their disposal, with detailed and continuously updated installation knowledge and special tools for propeller calculation.
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